27 August, 2010

Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others, by Patricia A. Ennis and Lisa Tatlock

Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others, is co-authored by Patricia A. Ennis and Lisa Tatlock. With ties to the Home Economics Departments at The Master’s College, as (respectively) chairwoman and educator, this topic is one that they are passionate about and desire that every woman desiring to please God in every aspect of her life would grasp a hold of. They have written this book as a heart-study in the biblical mandate of Christian hospitality, with much thought to application and biblical study as well as in-depth experience in the area of homemaking.

As a relatively new homemaker I can only wish to have spent some of my single years under their tutelage, but through this book still have opportunity! As I read, I learned not only what true and genuine Christian hospitality is and how I can cultivate it in my own life and home, but also many practical hints and advice on beginning and implementation. From recipes, to household tips, to menu planning, to being a wise steward with given funds, to even fun themes such as hosting a Tea Party, I was intrigued, and my desire to have my home as an outreach to encourage believers and lead the lost to the Savior was renewed. Excellent book for every Christian woman – regardless of marital status, whether you live in a small apartment (such as myself) or a sprawling estate, have children running around, or live in a rural or urban setting. ☺

* I have written this post due to my enjoyment of this book and have received no product or payment in compensation.

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