27 August, 2010

Lee: A Life of Virtue, by John Perry

Lee: A Life of Virtue, is written by John Perry and is a part of the series titled The Generals. When I first saw this book listed on Thomas Nelson’s website, I was so excited and hoped that I would be able to receive a copy to review! I have long admired General Robert E. Lee for his loyalty to God, family, wise discernment and yes, even as military defender for the right. My hope was that this book would portray him as the true gentleman he was, and I was thrilled as I finished the book to have indeed read a wonderful memoir.

I enjoyed reading of his family’s incredible political history, with deep familial roots to the “Old Dominion”. How even as a boy he was raised with a deep defense of liberty and justice. How he cared for his ailing mother, excelled at military academy, and won the heart of his beloved wife, Mary Custis Lee. I also read of his military accomplishments, of both low (at which time he also cared for the estate of Arlington) and high points in his military career – from battles in Mexico and in western territory to the battlefields of Gettysburg, where he fought as a General, defending his native state Virginia, as a part of the Confederate States of America. It tells vividly of the turmoil he felt over a divided nation, and of concern for his wife and children. It concludes with General Lee’s life following the war, and is overall an honorable and fascinating book. I would love to see one written on General “Stonewall” Jackson!

*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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