10 August, 2010

The Fulfilled Family, by John McArthur

The Fulfilled Family: God's Design for Your Home, by Pastor John McArthur was a wonderful read that I found in our church's library. Yay for libraries!

Using Ephesians 5 and 6 as his outline, Pastor McArthur writes on how a family can achieve success in God's eyes, by following the principles He has given in His word. Wives submitting to their own husbands and loving him with the love of Christ and seeking true inner beauty, husbands laying down their lives and loving their wives as Christ loved the Church, children honoring and obeying their parents, and parents seeking to draw their children to the heart of God and using biblical instruction and godly discipline as needed with patience & love and never anger. The author draws insights from the relationship of Christ with the Church for his illustrations and I found his words to be sound. I am looking forward for a chance to read another of his books, Successful Christian Parenting, which delves into more practical application.

* I have written this post due to my enjoyment of this book and have received no product or payment in compensation.

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