29 August, 2010

The Heavens Proclaim Your Glory, created and compiled by Lisa Stilwell

The Heavens Proclaim Your Glory, created and compiled by Lisa Stilwell is a beautiful and fascinating display of God’s wondrous creation in outer space. Displayed in a very attractive table-top or gift format, stunning pictures courtesy of NASA are printed alongside scriptures and quotes from various individuals which point the reader to glorifying the Lord in utter incredulousness at His creative design and workings in our Earth and solar system, as well as galaxies beyond which we cannot even begin to comprehend with the naked eye while stargazing. The reader will find it impossible not to pause and worship our great God as they view and read this compilation.

It is also filled with incredible facts, such as the speed of the Hubble Telescope. Amazing and mind-boggling information is found within these pages! We both greatly enjoyed this book and look forward to sharing it with our children as they grow.

We did notice one minor aspect of this book that we feel detracts from its ease and beauty. Many of the pictures are printed on glossy paper, and we noticed visible fingerprints just from leafing through this work. But that is minor, particularly when we found The Heavens Declare Your Glory to be such as excellent book, and believe anyone would desire to have a copy for his or her own personal library. Very well done!

*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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