27 July, 2010

Love that Lasts: When Marriage Meets Grace, by Gary & Betsy Ricucci

Although it is suggested that a husband and wife read this book together, I honestly first found it helpful in gaining a biblical mindset of marriage when there wasn’t even a guy on my romantic horizon yet! This book is a candid, God-honoring discussion to spur couples towards growth in communication, romance, conflict resolution and physical oneness and purity. Imagine an older, godly couple taking you under their wing and mentoring you in the privacy of their living room. Now capture that image and put it into book form – that is what I believe this book to be.

Dwight and I do take one caution in regard to marriage books. That is simply to remember that he and I are unique individuals, and that our idea of romance, etc. may not be exactly the same as every other couple (or any other couple for that matter!). So I appreciate that this book is more of a guide towards having a biblical view of marriage and each other, with a desire to grow in togetherness for the glory of God, and it is not a handbook focused on the “10 steps to being a better wife or husband,” where if you follow the steps described, you will have the “perfect marriage.” He and I have so much yet to learn, yet we are not robots or cutout cookies.

This book includes questions for discussion, evaluation and application, which are found at the end of the book right before the suggested reading list. They really help you delve into the chapters and lessons taught.

* I have written this post due to my enjoyment of this book and have received no product or payment in compensation.

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