27 July, 2010

Feminine Appeal, by Carolyn Mahaney

I love this book. Feminine Appeal is a compilation of lessons gathered from Titus 2 and shared from the heart of Carolyn Mahaney – a wife, mother, grandmother and trusted mentor of many. Subtitled “Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother,” she delves into the heart issues of serving our husbands and children for the glory of God especially amidst challenges, growing relationships, dirty diapers, exhaustion and laundry.

Covering topics such as delighting in our husbands, loving our children, submission, kindness, the honor of serving in and through the home, etc. she exalts the role of homemaker to biblical proportions and to the way our Lord views it – a gift to treasure, cherish and even fight for!

As I’ve read (yup, time and time again – this isn’t a “read once” book!) through the examples shared from both Scripture and Carolyn’s own life, I’ve been challenged and encouraged to live passionately for God in the community He has lovingly placed me in and to develop a true love for the home and every aspect it entail, desiring ever-continuing growth. I recommend this book to all!

You may want to check out her website (hosted by herself as well as her daughters) at Girltalk :-)

* I have written this post due to my enjoyment of this book and have received no product or payment in compensation.

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