17 March, 2011

Left at the Alter, by Kimberley Kennedy

 Left at the Alter: My Story of Hope and Healing for Every Woman Who Has Felt the Heartbreak of Rejection, is the story and testimony of Kimberley Kennedy, a beautiful young journalist and producer who seemed to have it all – a supportive family, an incredible job, and a fairytale love story that was on the brink of what was to be the happiest day of her life – her long-awaited wedding day. Kimberley’s dream was suddenly shattered when she heard the words of her fianc√© at their wedding rehearsal, “I just can’t do it.” She candidly shares 
how this pivotal moment in her life affected her life, causing her to tailspin into deep emotional pain, public humiliation and even bewildered anger at God. However, the story does not end there and in this heartfelt telling of her experience, she shares with the reader how she found hope amidst the deep pain and confusion and how she learned that present circumstances do not have to shape our future life story.  She shares lessons of refreshing renewal through tools she discovered of how to heal and move on when faced with rejection from a loved one. And she  closes in telling how the Lord is proving faithful in meeting her deep emotional needs for love even as she continues to be single with the following: 
            “When you fall in love with God, you can be assured of one very special thing: you will never be left at the alter. Instead, you will live with Him happily ever after. And the honeymoon will never end.”

I found this book to be well written and containing very helpful advice to one with a broken heart. I found her to understand. Which is very helpful to one faced with deep hurt. And I love how rather then telling her story with bitterness, she simply uses it as a platform and springboard for sharing hope. I enjoyed reading it.

*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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