20 March, 2011

Voyage of the Vikings

Voyage with the Vikings is an exciting story for youth written by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker as a part of the Adventures in Odyssey series titled The Imagination Station. In this particular book, the reader is swept along with the plot’s main characters Patrick and Beth as they travel through time back to the year 1000AD and find themselves aboard a wooden ship near Greenland! Onshore they meet the famed Viking Erik the Red, along with his wife and son, Leif Eriksson. While in Greenland, their assignment from Mr. Whittaker was to find a Sunstone, but they don’t even know what one is – much less what one looks like! Not only will you be able to discover whether Patrick and Beth do indeed fulfill their mission, but you will also join them as they share God’s love and forgiveness with Erik the Red, who is furious about the new God of the Christians and wants to make Patrick and Beth his slaves! 

I found this book to be fun, lighthearted and intriguing – typical of Adventures in Odyssey! At the back of the book there is a short puzzle to which the reader will discover answers as he or she reads through the imaginative story. This book is the first in its series.

*This book was gratefully received from Tyndale Press at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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