22 December, 2010

Slave, by John MacArthur

Slave, is authored by Pastor John MacArthur is an eye-opening book revealing truths of God’s Word and of a critical understanding of our standing in Him which is marred by current biblical translations of the words ebed and doulos. So often in Christian circles we are encouraged (and encourage others) to make Jesus our “personal Savior” or that “He just wants us to be happy” or there is an overemphasis on our freedom in Christ which is wrongly equated with our being able to do whatever we want. In this book, Pastor MacArthur teaches how the words ebed and doulos ought to be correctly translated as slave rather than the common translation of servant or worker.  Although this might at first glance not seem like a major deal, he wisely points out how this can steer us to incorrect theological beliefs of our relationship with God, and displace His holiness and ownership of us in that as Christians we are to be completely controlled by God and His will and doing everything with Him in mind realizing we answer completely to Him and everything about us is in His control and hands. He alone is sovereign. As you read this book, any prior misgivings about being a “slave” of God on historic slavery issues here in the United States or United Kingdom will be replaced with joy as we understand how deeply we are His.

*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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