22 December, 2010

If God is Good, by Randy Alcorn

If God is Good, written by Randy Alcorn addresses a common question that those who seek to share the good news of the Gospel may someday face – if they haven’t already! “Why would a good God create a world where so much evil exists?” or “If God is good, why is He allowing me (or my loved one, my child) to experience suffering?” These can often intimidate as we search for answers!

In this book, Randy Alcorn seeks to disband disbelief with God’s word as he tackles these and other difficult questions posed by those hurting and by Atheists who are seeking to discredit the Lord. His logic is biblical, refreshing, and realistic as he compassionately yet firmly teaches who God is and equips the reader to effectively share their faith more deeply than before.

To be honest, I have a very difficult time with reading some of the examples written of this book. When I read about atrocities committed against children, in particular, I struggle emotionally and have very vivid pictures in my mind. Because of this I need to be careful of what I allow myself to watch or read (I do not believe that this causes me to be naive or ignorant). So for others out there like myself, I would encourage you to have someone who will support you if you choose to read this book (and I will admit that because of the above issue I skimmed pages where I caught on that the subject was to be addressed). It is probably not a book I will read again, although the content and message is excellent.

*This book was gratefully received from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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