05 December, 2010

Everything Christmas, by David Bordon and Thomas J. Winters

Everything Christmas is a compilation of various Christmas recipes, songs, and stories. I loved the vintage feel of the stories which spanned a variety of times and ethnic origins. There were many fun aspects of this book, I especially enjoyed reading about how different cultures celebrate Christmas and how this book shared recipes and ideas for incorporating that particular celebration into one your family could enjoy. I do plan on trying many of the recipes, even during other times of the year.  They did look tasty! And I enjoyed reading the various poems and holiday carols which the editors chose to include. Although the book may seem to "jump around" since there is so much material included, I can imagine that that format may seem fresh and engaging, particularly to a generation with a shorter attention span.

The stories were heartfelt and many were tales which I hadn't read before. That is saying something for originality since I adore Christmas books and read every one I can obtain! I particularly enjoyed the story of the Appalachian boy who found family on Christmas Day. I cried - but I'm known for being a bit on the weepy side at times! Oh, well!

*This book was gratefully received from WaterBrook Press Publishers at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.


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