11 October, 2010

The International Children’s Bible Holy Bible

The International Children’s Bible Holy Bible is designed and formatted especially for children and written in a language geared towards a third grade reading level. This particular edition has many vivid illustrations portraying various bible stories, created in a way to artistically capture a child’s attention and imagination.

I would have preferred that this Bible be hardcover bound, seeing how kids can be with books, particularly one that they will be encouraged to reach for daily. I feel that, being paperback, it has the potential to wear too quickly. But that is simply personal preference and I do like the vivid red chosen for the cover, which will aid a child in quickly recognizing which Bible is his or hers. Additionally, I’m also not sure that having an edition like this is really necessary. I read the New King James version from a very young age and did not have difficulty understanding, and when the time comes for my daughter to be at the age to being reading, I want her to be unafraid of difficult words. My wife and I are excited about taking time to teach them to her and explain them so she understands their meaning and concept. So seemingly difficult words, especially theological, would only serve as springboards for discussion, even though we will probably give her an ESV edition in her favorite color.

*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.


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