03 December, 2011

The Generals: Pershing, by John Perry

As another addition to the series entitled The Generals, Pershing: Commander of the Great War is a look at the triumphs, legacy, and even love of one whom led our nation’s men amidst the first Great War. General John J. Pershing fought with honor and order and led courageously, yet also maintained a deep love for his family- and was heartbroken when a tragic fire at home claimed the life of his sweetheart and their daughters while he was gone. His son survived, and he strove to maintain a fatherly relationship with him even when separated by distance and war.

I appreciate how each book in this series seeks to offer a reflective and truthful look into the personal lives of each General it presents, while maintaining an attitude of honor. These men gave a great service to our country, and I am very grateful. It saddens me however, how often the reoccurring theme of mistress’s reappears. (Even though in this case it wasn’t until after the death of his wife.) I have seen this more often in the Generals serving in the two World Wars. It serves as a good reminder to pray for those currently serving our country, that God would give them victory on the field, and that throughout their life they would reflect purity and honor in their moral lives. I cannot imagine the horrors they witness and resulting emotional comfort they seek– they need our prayers. 

*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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