23 July, 2011

The Final Hour, by Andrew Klavan

The Final Hour is the fourth book in a series of crime and adventure entitled The Homelanders. It is written by Andrew Klavan, a renowned author of suspense!

Reader o' mine, I must confess that it is Dwight who read this book. I saw enough death and action to realize that it was not for me at a quick initial glance as I flipped through it. :-) So I passed it on to my courageous husband and he shared with me what he thought. Whew. Because quite honestly, Adventures in Odyssey is a bit too much for me at times... ! Give me Miss Potter any day.

He thought that this book was well written even though the plot was easily anticipated. He appreciated that it was a quick easy read and also that it did not contain the foul language so often found in books of similar content and intrigue. He expressed interest in reading the other titles in the series. He practically read this book in one sitting, so that must tell you something! He said that storyline is basically a continuation of the book's hero, Charlie West. as he seeks to confirm his innocence while stopping a vicious terrorist attack from coming to fruition (just in the nick of time!). Once again, wrong is avenged and the right is victorious... The end.

*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to post this review.

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