15 May, 2011

The Generals: Macarthur

The Generals: MacArthur, America’s General is written by Mitchell Yockelson who through his detailed writing of this memoir invites the reader to once again return to an era where manliness and leadership where sought and young boys often looked towards those with military wisdom and achievement as a hero rather than comic characters or movie stars.

As a soldier in the U.S. Army, General Douglas MacArthur embodied strength and fearlessness amidst combat, which he encountered during World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. Many are familiar with his famous and oft-quoted words, “ I shall return.” He was also known for his jaunty mode of attire and lifestyle.

The writer gives a favorable and insightful view into the public and personal life of General MacArthur, highlighting his family ties and particularly the generations before him who proudly served their role in military careers. I enjoyed reading about his many triumphs on the battlefield. I also found interesting the close relationship he shared with his beloved southern-bred mother, known as “Pinky.” I was disappointed to read however, of the mistress enjoyed during the time following his divorce with Louise (Cromwell Brooks) and his subsequent remarriage to Jean (Marie Faircloth). It saddens me to so oft read of the moral failures of such otherwise great (though usually and tragically ungodly) men and leaders.

I look forward to obtaining other volumes in this series highlighting American Generals. :-)
*This book was gratefully received from Thomas Nelson at no cost in exchange for my agreement to  write this review.

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